Ferrandino & Associates Inc. [F&A], a multidisciplinary planning consulting firm with offices in Elmsford, New York, provides an array of planning and planning-related services to municipalities, private corporations, not-for-profit agencies, institutions and private developers. Founded by Vince Ferrandino, AICP, F&A has been involved in a myriad of technical and analytical planning projects throughout the tri-state region.

The firm’s wide range of consulting expertise includes land use and zoning studies, comprehensive and environmental planning, community visioning, transportation planning, urban design, economic development, market and real estate analysis and site feasibility. F&A also specializes in affordable housing, commercial revitalization and community development planning and administration, including CDBG, public housing authority and Section 8 program consultation, as well as grants procurement.

F&A provides a myriad of environmental services including the preparation and review of long form EAFs (and EASs in New York City) and environmental impact statements under SEQRA, CEQRA and NEPA, Phase I environmental audits, brownfields due diligence, wetlands delineation, and traffic, noise and air quality analysis. The firm also prepares land use plans, zoning ordinance text and amendments, site analyses and open space plans, all of which serve to foster both environmental protection and smart growth.

To supplement its planning and economic development-related services, F&A has established a Corporate Relocation Advisory Service to identify, analyze and facilitate corporate relocation and/or expansion decisions. F&A has worked with several private corporations with regard to plant relocation and expansion of facilities, the financing of same through Federal, State and/or local incentives, and project feasibility and industry studies. The firm has also undertaken neighborhood, municipal and regional economic analyses. Another economic development focus of the firm is providing technical assistance to LDCs and BIDs, as well as marketing and business recruitment on behalf of municipalities and public-private sector partnerships.

F&A brings to the task the best professionals in their respective fields for every project. Together with F&A’s full-time staff of land use, economic, transportation and environmental planners, urban designers and market analysts, other professionals in specialized areas of air, noise and water quality, civil engineering, ecological assessment, cultural resources and landscape architecture render their expertise to various projects as needed. Operating under the principal’s personal direction, each professional employed by and affiliated with the firm provides the client with exceptional service. In addition, the close relationship between client and principal has contributed to the firm’s reputation in terms of responsiveness and the ability to mobilize and carry out work quickly, efficiently and within time/budget constraints.